About DawsonyWeb

A summary about me.

About Myself

I'm a freelance web developer based in Yorkshire, UK. I work on the front end and back end of the development tree. I am skilled in HTML, CSS, PHP, Laravel, Javascript/jQuery, React, Vue.js and still developing in many other languages. I offer website design and development, Brand Identity, SEO, Email Marketing and much more. I also work with any issues you may discover on your unresponsive/responsive websites, mobile websites, Laravel Applications and WordPress websites.

Such as but not limited to :- Out of date themes, Custom CMS', Customer Relations Management Apps, SAAS, Old & Unresponsive sites, Bad builds, Animations and Many more...

If you need a job done quickly and efficiently but don't want the hassle of getting into a yearly contract I provide a per hour or job service for agencies and individuals.

Previous work not kept behind an NDA can be shown upon request in an email or in a zoom call.

At the moment there are some great technologies available to us all and I work to bring you the most up to date websites and applications available on the market today.

Currently I work alongside multiple Web and Marketing Agencies providing freelance development work for WordPress, Laravel and many more Web & Mobile Frameworks. I am available and affordable to work remotely for any agency, a business or a single person no matter how big or small your company is.

How Did I Get Started as a Freelance Web Developer?

I began my career working as chef in the early 00s, I worked my way up to Head Chef and ran a few kitchens before deciding I'd like to pursue my true love of tinkering and building things in code. I then went to work as a Web Developer in York while I completed a degree on the FdA Web Design course at the University Centre at Wakefield College.

I then branched out doing some moonlighting for other people and realised I could be working for multiple agencies and people doing a range of different things rather than the same work for one person. I then founded DawsonyWeb and have gotten a large array of web agencies and companies that I work alongside with. No day is the same and the unique challenges each client brings keeps me on my toes and keeps me learning everyones best tactics when it comes to Web Design, SEO and Development.

I work with people worldwide or locally distance is not a problem over the internet! If you are looking for a Developer for any reason get in contact and we can speak about how I can help you!

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